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Export surplus products

Export surplus products

It works with the largest e-Commerce sites related to export surplus products. In other words, it can offer wholesale branded clothing at an affordable price because it signs special agreements with manufacturers. Because a very large part of the garments come from well-known and reputable companies. As a result, we are committed to selling them at the lowest prices.

As a business owner, the goal is to close identified gaps in the market. To succeed in your business, you need to identify the untapped niche or a problem that has not yet been solved. There are a variety of export surplus products for customers to choose from. Are you planning to be smart and provide garments that serve some of your customers' needs or purposes. You can follow us on whatsapp group to be the first to know about the latest listings. As a result, you can make the right choices by examining the most up-to-date wholesale clothing options of fashion with our products. You can be sure that the products will reach you on time and safely. At the same time, this allows you to offer diversity and a wide range of products.

We offer surplus products of different international brands such as women's shirts, tops, t-shirts, jeans, shorts. For men, we supply surplus products from different national and international brands. Having original branded products at low prices turns you into a profitable business idea. You always stand out among your competitors by offering your customers unique products that are not readily available. Similarly, our company sells wholesale women's clothing, wholesale men's clothing and wholesale children's clothing. As a result, we will be waiting for your phone call to become your business partner.

The fashion environment in Turkey is full of a unique offer that is gaining popularity among trade buyers. Export surplus garments are products that cannot be sold abroad for various reasons. And therefore they are pieces that are available at competitive prices. This range includes everything from plus size t-shirts to branded dresses. We offer a wide range of women's clothing that showcases a range of styles to suit a variety of preferences and occasions. We work hard to sell much better products at more affordable prices. Export surplus products enable businesses to sell at competitive prices. This in turn can attract more customers and increase the profitability of your business.

Btr clothing's export surplus garment market offers a unique opportunity for both businesses and customers. For this reason, it offers a cost-effective solution for those looking for branded clothing without a premium price tag. We offer the opportunity to purchase these products at a discounted price.

‘We endeavour to provide a competitive advantage in the market by offering the same level of quality that customers expect from high-end brands.’

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